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#OpDomesticTerrorism: Anonymous hackers take down over a dozen neo-Nazi sites in new wave of attacks

So, referring to Computer Crimes Act 1997 under section 3 (1) (b) A person shall be guilty of an offence if – the access he intends to secure is unauthorized.  

This act provides law enforcers with a framework that defines illegal access which in this case is referring to hacking. So in this case, the people responsible for the hacking could face up to 10 years max and/or fine up to RM150,000 if with the intention to commit an offence.  

Despite the best interests of the hacking organizations that defame such horrible groups, in the end, two wrongs don’t make a right and in this case, they still hacked illegally to obtain classified data that is prohibited from the public. 


Written by Amin Azam